A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Synthetic Volcano Basketball  is a game about avoiding lava and making baskets. 

Leap to platforms, avoid lava and engage in sporting activity. 

The game is in pre-alpha and will contain bugs, feel free to report these in the comments!

The last level should be the basket that rotates around you and you'll get an error when you finish it (won't be the case forever I assure you).

If you or the ball gets stuck, just leap into the lava, your lives will decrease but there's no real penalty for now. You'll also see your attempted shots increase, see how few you can finish the game with! You can use P to cheat but you're only cheating yourself!

WASD- move,  Shift - sprint, Space - jump, E - pickup/drop basketballs, Click- throw the ball.


P - autobasket (for wusses)

T,Y - level back and forth (kind of broken)

Install instructions

Open the zip and extract the files. 

For window, make sure the exe file is in the same location as the data file.


SVB.app.zip 28 MB
SVB.zip 22 MB

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